Joburg’s first non-alcoholic bar aims to preserve the livelihood of out-of-work bartenders.

Off the back of a second alcohol ban rippling across South Africa, the team at Mix Cocktail Bar and MESH Club have innovated to open an extension of their trendy Rosebank bar on the Keyes Art Mile, aptly named Niks Bar. A playful take on Mix Bar’s traditional offering of exceptional cocktails, great music & atmosphere, the completely alcohol-free Niks Bar is a result of a partnership with a curated network of brands offering non-alcoholic spirits, mocktails, beers and sparkling wine in a vibey space with DJ’s, board games and a chic interpretation of dive-bar cuisine. 

The more serious matter at hand is a focus on creating employment opportunities just a week after the #jobssavelives movement erupted across the country, where bartenders and mixologists are facing dire circumstances due to unemployment. Niks Bar will give local bartenders an opportunity to work shifts, take home tips and profit share. Not only this, but each bartender will personalise his or her shift by adding their favourite tunes to the playlist, or putting a signature dish on the menu for the day. 

“This is a non-profit operation aimed at preserving the livelihood of out-of-work bartenders and will give people the chance to safely come out of their homes to enjoy an “out on the town” atmosphere that only a great bar can offer!” Comments Kobus van Zyl, GM of MESH Club and Mix Bar.

The bar will operate under strict hygiene and safety regulations, with social distancing and curfew regulations in mind. 

“Guest safety is really important to us, we’re applying the same extensive sanitisation protocols as MESH Club, where surfaces will be treated and safe social distancing enforced. We want people to have a good time, come back out of their homes and feel safe enough to relax, tap their feet to great music, drink in a new way and still get home before curfew!” Comments Katie Coetzee, Marketing Manager for MESH Club, Mix Bar and Niks Bar.

Visit the MESH Club website to find out about the opening events taking place on the launch weekend, planned for Women’s Day, 9 August 2020. The first month of operation will put a focus on female bartenders and female-owned or female-driven brand collaborations.


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The Details:

Address: Niks Bar, Street Level – The Trumpet Building, 21 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank

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