We committed to making MESH the safest space to return to work with the highest quality cleaning standards, whilst enforcing social distancing.

Read more about how your safety has been considered, and what to expect when coworking at MESH.


• Our meeting rooms are open but with a limited number of people allowed in the rooms at any given time.

• All boardrooms have chairs removed and there are 15-minute windows between meetings to allow for a thorough wipe-down of all surfaces.

• Chairs have been removed from our hot-desk areas to make space for social distancing.
• 2 people per working-session are allowed in the Private Desk Area.

• Mix Bar and our kitchen are closed until further notice with all stock and operational items packed away.

• Coffee is only available for takeaway.

• All bathroom cubicles have been deep cleaned and our fabric towels have been switched to paper towels.

• There are self-check points all over the venue with complimentary sanitizer.
• All surfaces in MESH have been treated with Surface Defense Standard Treatment which is active for 90-180 days.

• Upon entry you will walk over a foot sanitizing mat, have your temperature taken, given an elbow “handshake” or a smile and offered a mask in case you forgot yours or need a new one.

• Visitors will be asked to sign and complete a safety-control form.

• No more than one person in the printing room at a time.

• The total number of members in the space at any given time is limited, with a controlled and limited group of staff members servicing the space. We have supported these staff members during the lockdown and are providing their transport to minimize exposure risk.

If you’d like to become a member; please contact us or apply here.

010 594 5545
2nd Floor Trumpet On Keyes,
21 Keyes Avenue,
Rosebank, JHB