Welcome to the new digital world, Huru Learn.

Mesh members launch Huru Learn

Mesh members launch Huru Learn

Our members Kane Pretorious and Courtenay Kleu of The School of Etiquette have launched a new e-learning platform that offers e-masterclass courses in social connection, personal development and high-level performance for people who want to unlock a life of success with momentum. In an exquisite pivot, Huru Learning is a venture the duo launched, filmed, edited and packaged this new venture for the global market during the Covid-19 lockdown.


“When you know what story you are telling, something changes. You stop spending time thinking about what to say or how to say it – you speak and act without hesitation. You start expressing yourself without doubt. Less thinking, more doing and achieving.”

With handpicked topics taught by the super-duper self-starter entrepreneurs who are experts in their respective fields, Huru Learn will help its chicks, fledgelings and birds develop themselves into well rounded soaring eagles who have the power to move freely, onwards, upwards and outwards into the world, without restriction or hesitation.

Regardless of your geographical location, you have the power to learn, expand and soar. Huru Learn’s mission is to help you feel more confident and capable so that you perform better and move freely in every aspect of your life, gaining fulfilment from each moment, every day.

Find out more about their courses here.