In light of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the National State of Disaster declared on Sunday 15 March 2020 by President Cyril Ramaphosa, we at MESH have taken action to ensure the health and safety of our members and our guests. It’s vitally important to us that our members know that MESH, as a workplace and as a home to a community, is a clean and safe environment.

Business as usual..
We understand that our working community will need to continue business operations and we want to continue to provide one of the safest working and rest-assured environments for you. We will not be closing or downing tools, in fact, our whole team is pulling together to be proactive.

You’ll notice Concierge insisting on hand sanitisation on entry as a rule, for everybody accessing the building. We’ll also be cleaning and sanitising all biometric access points where hands and fingers frequently touch devices. Know that when you walk into our space, you are in a considered environment.

A community-centric approach:
We have sanitised all door handles and most surfaces with a chemical called Surface Defence Standard Treatment. It is a long-term sanitiser effective for up to 90 days. We will reapply as needed or at least on a monthly basis for the duration of the pandemic. This is a chemical used for kitchen work spaces normally to ensure hygiene in food production areas.

We have placed sanitiser in every office and every meeting room, there is also sanitiser available at the concierge desk, bar and water station. According to the experts, washing your hands with soap and water is more effective than sanitiser so this is just a quicker option to sanitize when in a rush.

Should anyone require SDST or sanitizer for personal use, we can certainly assist to order some, please speak to the concierge team.

We urge you to remember:
Wash and sanitise your hands. Reduce the touching of hands and common shared items, where possible.
For the sake of your fellow community members at MESH, if you have flu-like symptoms, please seek medical care before returning to the space and putting others at risk.

Upcoming events, meetings, conferences and gatherings:
In solidarity and respect for the measures in place to reduce the spread of Covid-19, we’re curtailing the size and frequency of our social gatherings to smaller, safer numbers.

We’re adopting a community-focused approach to this unique challenge as a space that encourages gathering and cohabitation, we want you to remember that MESH is as safe as we can make it. Our food preparation and service will remain meticulous.

Every room and surface is guaranteed to be routinely sanitised throughout the day. if you’re ever in doubt, please speak to us. A contained and cleansed workspace is much safer than public areas, and we endeavour to remain a safe-haven for you.